The UAE's 49th National Day Celebration




Al Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Conceived by Artistic Director and Designer, Es Devlin and produced by LarMac , the UAE 49th National Day Show took the form of a kinetic illuminated sculpture installed in the Abu Dhabi Mangroves.

Celebrated every year on 2 December, UAE National Day is always a major day on the country’s events calendar. While the holiday is typically marked with a large-format live production attended by thousands, and mass gatherings taking place throughout the country, the pandemic took the show and celebrations in a different direction due to the country and world wide restrictions in place.

Themed Seeds of the Union and enriched by an incredible team of local artists and collaborators, the show recalled the UAE’s rich history, expressed the country’s values and celebrated the frontline heroes who have kept the population safe throughout the pandemic.

Working across a multi layered production, the UAE National Day team encapsulated the Nation’s historical achievements while sharing visions of a hopeful and culturally enriched future.